NHSPE Goals and Values 



The New Hampshire Society of Professional Engineers (NHSPE) is the society of engineering professionals in New Hampshire that promotes the ethical and competent practice of engineering, advocates licensure, and enhances the image and well being of its members while implementing the program of the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) at the state level. 

NSPE's Vision: 

NSPE is the recognized voice and advocate of licensed Professional Engineers. 

NSPE's Mission: 

NSPE, in partnership with State Societies, is the organization of licensed Professional Engineers (PEs) and Engineering Interns/Engineers in Training (EIs/EITs). Through education, licensure advocacy, leadership training, multi-disciplinary networking, and outreach, NSPE enhances the image of its members and their ability to ethically and professionally practice engineering.



1) "Maintain a workable and effective organizational structure " 

Objective: Periodically review the NHSPE constitution and by-laws and revise in accordance with the recent NSPE organizational structure revisions, on at least a tri-annual (or other) basis. 

Strategy: Annually review tasks and responsibilities to be distributed among board members and others. 

2) "Be involved in government affairs as they relate to professional engineering issues " 

Objective: NHSPE BOD and members to remain informed of relevant state legislation. 

Strategy: Maintain direct liaison(s) with representatives of the NH Legislature.

Strategy: Actively support legislation which strengthen's NH's engineering statute; actively oppose proposals which would weaken the statute.

Strategy: Provide input to the legislative process or other branches of state government regarding other issues , when appropriate.


3) "Promote professional development and education"

Objective: Sponsor or cosponsor a minimum of 2 continuing education programs annually. 

Strategy: Continue membership meetings and programs.

Strategy: Continue to promote educational opportunities sponsored by other organizations to NHSPE members.


4) "Promote the ethical practice of engineering " 

Objective: Annually introduce the NSPE Canon of Ethics to newly registered professional engineers and to current PEs. 

Strategy: Co-sponsor, with the NH Professional Engineers Board, a dinner meeting that focuses on newly registered professional engineers, and engineering ethics.

Strategy: Encourage experienced PEs to mentor young engineers within their respective organizations.


5) "Maintain on-going effective relationships with other engineering organizations in the state " 

Objective: Increase regular communication between NHSPE and other NH engineering organizations. 

Strategy: Continue to spearhead the annual Engineer's Week dinner and program.

Strategy: Jointly sponsor membership meetings or events with other engineering organizations.

Strategy: Promote deserving candidates for NH Engineer of the Year, and NH Young Engineer of the Year .

Strategy: Seek and distribute to NHSPE members pertinent information regarding programs of other engineering organizations.

6) "Strengthen the public image of professional engineers in the state " 

Objective: Frequently engage in activities which promote engineering to the public. 

Strategy: Encourage members to publicize engineering accomplishments and activities.

Strategy: Remain a key organization in National Engineer's Week in NH.

Strategy: Continue to support MATHCOUNTS in NH.

Strategy: Support qualifications based selection (QBS) of engineering services, and the NH QBS Coalition.

Strategy: Maintain a scholarship award from NHSPE.


7) "Provide a membership level which enhances NHSPE's viability as an organization" 

Objective: Maintain or increase NHSPE membership. 

Strategy: Define and publicize the benefits of membership.

Strategy: Continue to inform members and others of the NHSPE program through "The Observer" and the NHSPE website.